These are my personal projects related to Environment Art created in UDK (Unreal Development Kit).


Created in January 2011 within the time frame of 21 days.

Desolated industrial area.


List of some of the important props that make up this scene.

Warehouse building

It is made out of modular pieces, but it also contains merged versions for ease of use and performance reasons.


Generic, rusty barrel, available in different versions: regular, dented, busted etc.

Street Lamps

Street lamps composite that contains big street lamp and small wall lamp on a same texture. Emissive masks are used for light bulb areas.

Concrete support and trimming

Modular pillars, trims and wall pieces that are used for base architecture. Note that it does not require specular map, since that effect will be acomplished inside of UDK's Material Editor.

Sci Fi

Created in February 2011 within the time frame of 14 days.

Science Fiction set that should fit well to universes similar to Mass Effect or Halo games.


List of some of the important props that make up this scene.


Support made out of 3 modular pieces: base, pillar and top beam. It can be used in many different ways to construct various shapes.


Texture block used to build reusable & modular wall pieces that make up most of the architecture on this set.


Generic door & door frame. Distortion map is used to emulate glass refraction effect.