PROJECTS - Concept Art

These are my personal projects related to concept art, illustration and production painting.

Pieces created in 2013.

Sword Girl

Concept of an urban female ninja with process shots.

Hollow Earth

Docking bay of an underground civilization.

WIP - Road in the woods

Ambush by alien race that has infested the Earth.

Climb & Grab

Tomb Raider-like character climbing her way somewhere in the Far East.

Space Marine Girl

Young woman in a bulky Space Marine-like armor after killing a bunch of monsters.


Sexy female detective posing in different outfits.

WIP - Death Fields

Devastated landscape after a intense battle or even a nuclear explosion.

Some of my paintings that were created in the period between 1994 and 1998. They were done on a 16-bit Amiga system, hence the pixelization and harsh color gradients.

Referenced pieces

Referenced from various movie posters, CD covers and other promo material.

Original pieces

Work that has been created without any reference.


Original 'sprite sheets' for some of many non-commercial, 16-bit games that I created for fun using various 'game maker' tools during the 1994-1998 period.