WIP - Cry Engine 3 - Henderson Peak

This is something that I worked on in January 2014 and on which I spent around 130 working hours.

It is a 2km x 2km size world region that was built inside of the free Cry Engine 3 SDK and it should demonstrate my skills in building areas for open-world games with questing mechanics similar to Skyrim, Dead Island, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or State of Decay.

Link to a 5:45 long preview video, made by me, can be found here: YouTube video link

I used only the default assets that ship with Cry Engine 3 SDK and, as a result, the final world indeed feels a lot like State of Decay. But, that does not mean that the map cannot support questing and exploration methods for almost any kind of open-world game, being it a post-apocalyptic single player title or a high-fantasy MMO.

This is an overhead shot of the region that was used in the video and you can use it for better understanding of the map.

You can download the Cry Engine 3 map as a RAR file from my Dropbox: Dropbox link

Click Right Mouse Button on the link and select 'Save Target As'

Unpack the RAR file and place HendersonsPeak directory in the Levels directory of your Cry Engine 3 SDK. In my case that is:


Once you open the map, you can use Shift + F1 thru F12 to cycle thru 'bookmarks' that show all key map locations.

To play the map from your current location, press Ctrl + G.

While in that 'play mode', use F1 to switch between 1st and 3rd person view and F to enter and exit vehicles.

This shows the placement of all POI (Points of Interest) in the world. I always start off by doing a basic 'metric check' and then arranging POI in a perfect criss-cross pattern. Then, I would break the pattern a bit, so that placement doesn't feel generic and contrived. As it is a WIP project, about 30% of POI are currently missing from the map.

Depending from the storyline and quest design, some POI will be obvious and players will be guided to them by the clever use of environment and landmarks. Other times, that same environment will be used to slightly obscure those POI that are meant to be secret. In any case, the main rule is to always have something interesting for player to discover, wherever he/she may go. This stimulates and rewards exploration, making it a truly satisfying game experience.