GAMES - Twin Sector

Twin Sector is a First Person Puzzle game released for PC on Steam in September 2009. It is running on a proprietary engine developed by DnS Development. My roles on this project were Art Director, Lead Level Designer, Lead Environment Artist and Game Designer.

Also, I had exactly 12 weeks (weekends included) to create storyline and 20 minutes of rendered cutscenes. On my first week I created story, dialog and screenplay, followed by voice talent casting. I used the remaining 11 weeks to produce cutscenes itself, including:

  • Blocking and Directing

  • Set dressing and Lighting

  • Animation and Lip sync

  • Rendering and Editing

Cutscene 01: Ashley

Duration: 6:32

Prologue shows the protagonist, a young woman named Ashley, being sent into a cryo sleep in the wake of an apocalyptic event. After unknown period of time, she is abruptly awaken by an AI process who calls himself OSCAR. Struggling with a serious case of amnesia, she learns that the main life support system is about to fail, resulting in the death of all cryo sleepers.

Cutscene 02: Elevator

Duration: 1:01

During a deliberate elevator malfunction, OSCAR tells Ashley that she is being tracked by an enemy AI from the moment she woke up.

Cutscene 03: Kevin

Duration: 4:28

Ashley comes face to face with an enemy AI, named KEVIN, only to learn that OSCAR is a virus. During many years, he erased the memory of all cryosleepers and under the excuse of life support failure threat, kept sending them to shut down KEVIN, one by one. Ashley, being the first person whose memory was somewhat intact, takes KEVIN's side and accepts his module. This fools OSCAR into believing that KEVIN is indeed gone so that she can head back to the upper decks and try to stop him.

Cutscene 04: Module

Duration: 0:50

Ashley uses KEVIN's module, which puts OSCAR offline for a few hours. In order to really eliminate him, she has to take the module to the Mainframe.

Cutscene 05: Resident

Duration: 2:15

Ashley encounters Norwood, who runs away and then tries to kill her. KEVIN tells her that Norwood is just another brainwashed cryo sleeper, woked up by OSCAR the moment he got back online. Ashley must reach Mainframe before Norwood finds KEVIN's backup station.

Cutscene 06: Mainframe

Duration: 1:22

It is too late. Norwood manages to shut down KEVIN. Alone and with the module still in her hand, Ashley decides to make her way to the Mainframe and erase OSCAR.

Cutscene 07: Twin Sector

Duration: 3:03

Ashley takes the module to the Mainframe erasing OSCAR and bringing KEVIN back on line, who then starts the recovery process. Few days later, KEVIN informs Ashley that this area, known as Sector, is in fact just one half of the entire shelter complex. And that this other, identical half is still under OSCAR's control. Ashley's flashbacks suddenly start making sense as KEVIN comes up with the records of her twin sister Alice, who is presumably still sleeping, deep in the cryo bay of that other sector.

It is worth noting that the final result is far from what I wanted to achieve. But given the time constraints I had, I am very proud on the dedication and hard work that I had put into it.

Credits also go to Alexandr Stepurko (Character Models), Boris Mesaros (Character Textures), Igor Suskalo (Additional Set Dressing) and Albert Alvarez (Music).