GAMES - Alone in the Dark: Illumination

Alone in the Dark: Illumination is an Unreal Engine 4 based, action horror, singleplayer and co-op game for PC, released on Steam on June 11 2015.

My initial role was Level Designer and my initial tasks included planning, designing and finally blocking out various levels in the game. Later, I switched to Lead Level Kit Designer/Artist and my job was to work closely with level designers and environment artists in order to build modular & reusable level kits for the entire game.

Level Shots

These are some of the game levels that I worked on together with Sjoerd de Jong (a.k.a. Hourences), Patrick Haslow, Jeal Choi, Anders Fray, Yohan Riou, Andy Sechrist, Larry Vallely and Anders Bergmann.

The main challenge with this game was that it was set in the constant, almost pitch-black darkness. So the standard methods of using lighting to guide the player was, for the most part, out of the question. That is why we had decided to use meshes with strong silhouettes and materials with strong contrast, wherever possible. We also heavily relied on fog and fog planes to separate the foreground, middleground and background planes of our scenes.

Environment Art

These are some of the various props that I created for the game.