Name: Predrag Pesic.

Gender: Male.

Born: March 3, 1979 (age 36).

Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia, Europe.

Previous positions: Lead Game Designer, Lead Level Designer, Lead Environment Artist, Lead Game Artist, Cinematic Director.

Companies: Pure FPS, Plastic Piranha, DnS Development, Titan Computer.

Number of products developed: 6.

Number of products released: 4.

Professional career: 2001-present.

Interested into development: 1991-present.

Interested into games: 1986-present.

Tool Proficiency

3ds Max (advanced), ZBrush (advanced), Lightwave 3d (advanced), Maya (intermediate), SketchUp (intermediate).

Photoshop (advanced), Xnormal (advanced), Aura (advanced).

Unreal Engine 3/UDK (expert), Cry Engine 3 (intermediate), Creation Engine/Gamebryo (advanced), Radiant (intermediate), Hammer (intermediate), Torque 3d (advanced).

Sony Vegas Pro (advanced), After Effects (advanced), HTML & CSS (intermediate)